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Polling in Tripura East deferred to April 23 due to law and order problem

Meanwhile, the election Tamil Nadu's Vellore had been cancelled by President Ram Nath Kovind on Tuesday Soon after accepting a criticism from the EC in the Aftermath of Illness of Large Quantities of unaccounted money from your nation.
Tripura: The Election Commission (EC) on Tuesday introduced that polling at East Tripura constituency was postponed from April 18 to April 2 3 (3rd period ) as a result of untoward record on legislation enforcement and order state of affairs.
Polling is now held April 2-3 in that period that the legislation and order position at the constituency will grow and eventually become"conducive towards the holding of free and acceptable election", the EC explained.

Tripura includes just two Lok Sabha constituencies which is why 2 3 applicants have been from the fray.

Citing stories of nation chief juvenile officer and also distinctive police officer, '' the survey manager stated,"The law and order situation prevailing isn't conducive towards the holding of free and reasonable survey "

The officer experienced worried the"miscreant aspects" could hamper the polling approach from the constituency.  Predicated on a lawn and intellect reports,'' he'd asked for added centralized authorities .

Election at Tripura West has been held at the very first period of polling on April 1-1.
"Holding the suggestion of Election Commission of India dated April 14 20-19, the honourable President will be very happy to reverse election to Vellore parliamentary constituency, Tamil Nadu to pick a participant of Lok Sabha," that the EC at an announcement now.

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