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A warm welcome to Dr Mukhtar Ahmad Ferdin, the seminar on current affairs and Urdu journalism

: On the eve of National Day of Education, the West Bengal Minna Reti y United Council organized a seminar on "Moodawad Situation and Urdu Journalism" in Patwar Bagan Girls High School, Raja Bazar, which includes prominent journalists from West Bengal and Apart from the intellectuals, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad Ferdin, the country's leading intellectual, journalist and educational leader from Hyderabad attended as Chief Guest. Special seminar and elderly journalist Abdullaziz presented the keynote address to the present critical situation of the country and the media.

Presenting a brave and bold speech on the character said that the entire media team of India is the government. And the compassion has gone out of the way of honesty and uprightness. The message given by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and the sacrifices made for this country cannot be found. In his speech, the West said that West Bengal is no longer safe, so what happened in Kashmir and happening in West Bengal can happen anywhere. So the requirement is that we all be awakened and the most important requirement of literacy is to make every effort to avoid lying. He also explained in his speech that the decision of the Supreme Court against the Babri Masjid is very shocking and disgusting and the duty that all Urdu newspapers should carry out in this regard was given in the original English daily.

The Telegraph 'is performing and acting like a missile against the liars and the faith. For this, the Telegraph should give special thanks. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Ferdin, who is visiting Hyderabad, gave a lively speech on journalism in the country and also said that his educational and journalistic life began in Calcutta. In the coming days, Abdul Aziz left for the institution. His writings were published in the newspaper 'Tehreek-e-Millat'. After his speech, his book 'Journalism yesterday and tomorrow' was formally performed. Later, the Urdu language and literature of the All India Urdu Mass Society for Peace (Hyderabad), under the auspices of Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Ferdin.

Elderly journalist Abdullaziz, distinguished poet and writer and researcher and journalist Dr. Aqeel Ahmed Aqeel and President of West Bengal Mina Ratio United Council Khalid Ubdullah were honored with the 'Urdu Anmol Ratan Award'. It should be clear that in the recent past, the president of the council, Khalid Ibadullah, has served prominently in the Urdu Movements of West Bengal, which was the result of movements that gave Urdu the status of a second official language in West Bengal. ۔ In his eloquent speech, the Maoist urged Urdu supporters to draw on a complete map of the current state of affairs in India, making it possible to create a healthy society in order to write their own truth. In his speech Dr. Aqeel Ahmed Aqeel gave a thorough review of the role of Urdu journalism and questioned the role of current journalism and strongly condemned the selling journalists. He highlighted the journalistic services of Maulana Azad. Also mentioned a brief blog post. Dr. Jamil Haid Shad described the seminar as a matter of great importance and congratulated all the members of the council.

Qazi Shahid Hussain Warsi said that AJ Maulana Abul Kalam Azad is the birth anniversary and national day of education. So we consider his services very important on this occasion. Maulana Azad founded the UN Varsity Grant Commission, IIT, and the ICCR. Young social worker Sameer Alam said that the life and services of Maulana Azad are undoubtedly a torch for us. Other speakers and guests include Khoshousi Roshan Ara (Teacher), Mohammad Farooq, Ashraf Yaqubi, Shen Khan Kanwar, Shameem Ahmed, Haji Anwar Ali. The names of Nasir Qasimuddin Aid Waquet, Calcutta High Court, Mukhtar Ahmad, Ali Hussain Sonu, Kamran Hussain Azmi, Rashid Siddiqui, Master Mohammad Moin (Hora), Mohammad Shameem, Mukhtar Hussain and Mohammad Fakhruddin....

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