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Haji Qutbuddin Gorakhpur and Ashfaq arrested in Hyderabad, police say mastermind blast

Kashi Nagar: Police have arrested Haji Qutbuddin from Korakhapur in connection with the blast at a mosque in Kashi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. According to police, Haji Qutbuddin is the mastermind of the explosion and he placed the explosive material in the mosque. He is said to have fled after the explosion. According to police reports, Haji Qutbuddin, along with three Moussa associates, had placed the explosives at the Larkashi Nagarki mosque in April this year. Following the arrest of Haji Qutbuddin, security agencies have been questioning him.

According to sources, ATS has arrested Ashfaq, the second accused in the case, from Hyderabad. It is said that Ashfaq is the grandson (son of Haji Qutbuddin). Now the two accused are preparing to sit in front of them and interrogate them. Varanasi IB team has reached with ATS Lucknow in this case.

ATS is watching the connection here too

It may be recalled that the Anti-Terrorist Force (UPATS) of the Uttar Pradesh Police has been busy searching for terrorist connections in the blast case in Nashik and Bijnor. In this case, samples of explosives received from the Kagi Nigram mosque have been sent to the Agra forensic lab. There will also be forensic examination of the explosives found at Bijnor. According to sources, some youths from Meerut and Bijnor are being questioned.

The explosion took place on November 11 in the Kashi Nagar mosque

It may be recalled that on November 11, a riot broke out in the mosque of Bairagi Patti village in the Turku Patti police station in Kakkshi Nagar district. Local police first called it a battery blast, but later confirmed the explosion in the mosque. Seven people, including the imam of the mosque, were registered in the case. Four people, including the accused imam, have been arrested and sent to jail. Three people, including key accused Haji Qutbuddin, were on the run. The ATS and anti-bomb squad reviewed the explosives, which revealed the explosion. The logistical explosives are being reported.

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