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The Guardian Educational Awareness Movement aims to reach the child of every class in the light of knowledge

Saharanpoo, (Special Khabar Ahmad Raza), along with dozens of states officials from the country to complete the complete elimination of ignorance and the new generation of the Muslim nation from the dark cave of ignorance, Mehboob Raza Basdiqi, owner of Social and Educational Personality From Delhi to Lucknow, Patna, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Madras, to Kolkata, with strong efforts for a strong educational awareness campaign, the last three years, after the last 3 years: with the thought that the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in 1 Guardian Educational Awareness Movement Vision 1 has been launched, the main purpose of this campaign is to educate even a single person in the country till HICA.

This movement will not be successful in different parts of the country even today. From which part of the country is this day the great campaign started to come into force? Dozens of meetings have been held in Chennai, Patna and Kolkata. The main purpose of this campaign is to provide food and clothing and education. If today the nation was fully acquainted with education, it would not have been the case, but it was still a part of the administration. Let us make this educational campaign so that a new generation can be empowered and the nation will be raised! In honor of the first Union Education Minister of the country, Maulana Azad, the Governor of the same person, in remembrance of your academic and social devotion, arranged prayers for him with a special tribute from his beloved Reza and his constituency Arbab. On the pattern of Maulana Azad's mission, the patronage of the educational awareness movement is spreading across the country today, especially in the crushed, low and backward areas where the light of knowledge is spreading from house to house.

The black characters were unfamiliar and it was a great idea for people to bring their children to school and teach them. They understood the nature of the work because their parents were illiterate and their ancestors were illiterate, and some people had explained that gaining knowledge would not do anything to educate your children and make them unemployed. Not all sanctions will be found with them, the staunch academic awareness movement and his soulmate Mohammed Mahboob Raza Siddiqui lit a candle of knowledge in his heart and made it known to God that if you want success in both the world and the hereafter, Get knowledge is the guarantee of success. They will succeed in this world and succeed in the Hereafter they will be able to distinguish between right and wrong through knowledge. We will convey Allah and His Messenger.

There is a big conference on the importance of knowledge to find out what is wrong and what is right. The importance of education was discussed. And among the classes that were villagers, farmers, laborers, running rickshaw, reaching their children at the school gate was like breaking a mountain. They were told that the government had made a policy that every child should have a birthright and a basic right to study. It's your right The government will teach your children Your job is to put children in school. There will be lunch and clothing free. If you are a guardian, your responsibility is to keep an eye on the children so that the child does not go astray or go in such a way so that people understand that what the beloved Reza is saying is correct. If we read and write, we will not have to enslave big people, opportunist politicians and capitalists.

This movement has helped people to understand that success can be achieved through education so that we can live better lives and live in better homes.Six Foods Can Eat The Guardian Education Awareness Movement Has Put It In The Mind Of People During Two Years Today In Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand, Orissa and other states, the guardian is talking about education. Is. Today everyone is talking about education. Given the movement that the patron has initiated and the success that it has received, it can be said that by 7, she will succeed in her mission. Today, people from all over the country, especially those who were not able to reach education, are talking about education, education. The Guardian Educational Awareness Conference is being organized to assess the success of the educational movement. All responsible heads sit down and prepare for the future.

As part of this series, a wonderful conference was organized by the patronage of the educational awareness movement in Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad, wherein the elders and the various departments of the city. The people, especially those from the educational environment, participated in it and were rewarded with good advice. They advised how to successfully support this movement! The patronage of the educational awareness movement has already been prepared by Mr. Mahboob Raza Siddiqui Sahib. And according to the fact that they are working, it has made their job easier. They say that 5% of the people in the country are illiterate. On the other hand, the rate of educational illiteracy among the Muslims is 6-8. If the illiteracy rate is removed by two percent every year, then this mission will be successful till 2.

 Durham Mahbooba Raza said in his conference speech that when laid the foundation of something. If it goes away or does a good job, then it has to suffer. He said that 5% of the people in the country are illiterate. This rate of Muslims is high and 5% of the people are illiterate. Education is the most important but we have put it above all else, get education no matter what language it is. Some politicians, big people, who have their interests in mind, talk about education with language. But they do not want people to read and stand up to them. They want to make people illiterate under one policy. People need to change their thinking. The generalization of knowledge is an ongoing mission. The purpose is to make education public.

Mahboob Raza Sahib read a verse on this occasion which means "O Lord, increase my knowledge." It does not make sense to be physically powerful, to be powerful in knowledge. Allah loves the strong man by education and loves him. He gave an example on this occasion and said that if a child is born then he is worthless. ۔ It takes six months to sit. In a month it starts to run a little. In two years it starts running. The mission has completed two years. It has now started running. It was founded. A school has been established in Kolkata Science City. It has started a good education nowadays. It will be taught like the Connaught School. But like the public schools, the fees will be the same as the administration canton schools, but the salaries of the teachers will be the same as the public schools. This is the formula of China School!

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